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Guangzhou Gracion Lighting Co., Ltd.

Recessed downlights and spotlights, track lighting systems, adjustable gimbals, surface mount downlights, pendant lig...

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    South Xinghe 5th RD,1st Industry Area of Taihe, Guangcong 3rd RD, Guangzhou, China
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Company Profile
Gracion Lighting is a commercial lighting manufacturer that offers a cutting edge portfolio of high performance LED lights purpose-built to address the stringent lighting requirement of retail and hospitality segments such as supermarkets, fashion stores, car showrooms, and high end restaurants. Gracion Lighting was founded in 2003 with a vision to provide superior products with exceptional performance and irreproachable quality. Over the years, Gracion has cultivated a rich, design-driven culture founded on innovation that continues to drive inventive design and uncompromising quality. Through its dedicated manufacturing systems and a proactive workforce, Gracion can provide cost efficient, turnkey lighting solutions for high-end commercial lighting markets.

Distinguished by breakthrough technology and exquisite craftsmanship, Gracion's complete line of commercial grade LED lighting products include retractable and recessed downlights, recessed spotlights, track lighting systems, adjustable gimbals, surface mount downlights, pendant lights and undercabinet lights. The wide range of tracks and downlights offer a full palette of solutions for the ever-changing retail environment to create engaging and comfortable lighting scenarios. The recessed downlights and spotlights that elegantly dissolves into the ceiling provide multiple optional beam spreads with superb color rendering and interior enhancing color temperatures. Gracion's track systems come with precision optics that are uniquely constructed to provide flexible accent lighting or precise spotlighting that enhance the drama and evoke visual excitement.

With many years of experience in retail lighting industry, Gracion remains committed to delivering creative, strategic, and purposeful lighting solutions with well-executed precision to convey a brand's values and aspirations. The architecturally sleek designs paired with advanced LED technology create a stylish and energy efficient lighting scheme defined by a dynamic blend of light output and distribution that enhance colors, textures and forms. Gracion's creative design team and experienced engineering department are technically diverse with long-runing in thermal modeling, mechanical design, circuit design and optics. Its highly flexible manufacturing infrastructure combined continuous investment in technology and process is finely tuned to cater for the customer's needs.
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